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Energy Efficient Systems

When a heating system loses its efficiency after years of dependable service, the equipment experts at Bel-Mar Oil can install and service the newest, most fuel-efficient heating equipment on the market today. Studies have shown that it pays for consumers to buy a higher-efficiency furnace rather than consider switching to an alternative fuel source. 

Another option would be combining a high-efficiency boiler or furnace with a heat pump to create a hybrid heating system that achieves maximum energy savings. Heat pumps work by pulling heat energy from the air outside and pumping it into your home. They can function independently or supplement the work of your furnace or boiler. 

Heat pumps can also be used during the summer to pull hot air from inside your home and pump it outside. Moving air from one place to another requires much less energy than physically heating or cooling air, which is why heat pumps are considered more efficient than conventional heating and cooling systems like furnaces and central air conditioners.