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Automatic Delivery

iS_000005771249-family.jpgOur company's automatic delivery service ensures that you never run out of fuel for your home. After two or three initial scheduled deliveries, during which time we will closely monitor your fuel intake, we can assess the factors that contribute to your unique consumption rate. These variable components, such as the size of your home, type of insulation, number of residents, appliance efficiency and personal routines, all contribute to your "K factor," a consolidated figure that accounts for your individual usage tendencies. We also track your local weather forecasts and "degree days," which refers to the industry standard approximation of daily temperatures in your area. By combining this highly specific weather and temperature information with your personal K factor, our computer program predicts your precise delivery schedule. You never have to watch your fuel gauge or wait around for a delivery.

If for any unlikely reason you do run out of fuel, we will send a delivery truck to you immediately, and a technician will fill your tank and restart your system. Make sure to contact us with any expected changes in your fuel consumption - a long vacation or a new member of the household, for example - so we can adjust your schedule accordingly. Automatic delivery is a hassle-free, worry-free approach to your fuel refilling needs. We strongly recommend that you utilize this convenient and time-saving option.